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Dealing With a Picky Eater

Be watchful of your baby’s diet. Certain nutrients are very important to monitor at this age. They needs iron, calcium, B vitamins and protein, but her picky appetite sometimes makes it difficult to make sure she gets all she needs every day. Foods that are high in important nutrients are listed below. Your baby doesn’t need to […]

High Risk and Low Risk Allergy Foods

This is why it is SO important to introduce ONE food at a time, and monitor reactions. High Risk Allergy Foods beans and other legumes berries buckwheat cabbage chocolate cinnamon citrus fruits coconut corn cow’s milk cheese dairy products egg whites mango melons milk products mustard nuts onions papaya peanuts peas pork rye semolina shellfish […]

Food Allergy or Food Intolerance?

A differential diagnosis means distinguishing food allergy from food intolerance or other illnesses. If a patient goes to the doctor’s office and says, “I think I have a food allergy,” the doctor has to consider the list of other possibilities that may lead to symptoms that could be confused with food allergy. One possibility is […]

Diagnosing Food Allergies

To diagnose food allergy a doctor must first determine if the patient is having an adverse reaction to specific foods. This assessment is made with the help of a detailed patient history, the patient’s diet diary, or an elimination diet. The first of these techniques is the most valuable. The physician sits down with the […]

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