Can You Wear A Belly Ring During Pregnancy?

There are several things to consider when thinking about wearing a belly ring during pregnancy. If you do not already have a belly ring when you become pregnant, it is probably not a good idea to bet your belly button pierced after becoming pregnant. Getting pierced puts you at an increased risk for infection. Infections can be very dangerous for both the pregnant woman and for the baby who is developing in her belly. Getting piercings anywhere on your body, including your belly button, ears, genitals, or nipples creates additional risk of infection that is probably not worth taking. In addition, the immune system is generally trying to work overtime already during pregnancy, and pregnant women may be particularly susceptible to infection.

Having said all of that, if you have a belly ring prior to becoming pregnant, there is not a general health reason for you to remove your belly ring during pregnancy. The only time that an existing piercing should be a health concern is if it is a recent piercing that may still be vulnerable to infection.

For women who have their belly button pierced before pregnancy, they may find that it becomes more difficult to wear their belly ring during their pregnancy. This is especially the case during the later stages of pregnancy, once their belly button pops out. If you have had your belly ring for three years or more, you can feel free to just take it out. It is much less likely at this point that the hole will close. If your belly piercing is relatively new, you might need to keep something in there. For some women who have a belly ring, a more comfortable piece of jewelry will do the trick. In fact, several jewelry manufacturers are now making belly rings that are specifically designed for the pregnant, belly-pierced woman. If another piece of jewelry does not do the trick, you can replace your belly ring with a small clean piece of fishing line. The fishing line will flex as your belly grows.

It is always a good idea to talk to your health care provider about pre-existing conditions, such as belly rings and other piercings, once you become pregnant. It is possible that there may be specific reasons why they could be of a concern during pregnancy in your individual case, and your health care provider should be able to help address these concerns.

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