Can You Get Pregnant After Your Partner’s Vasectomy?

You might not realize it, but just because your partner has had a vasectomy isn’t a guarantee that you can’t get pregnant. There is a statistically small but still real possibility that a man will be able to conceive a child, even after he’s had his vasectomy. While the biggest risks come in those early weeks and months after the procedure, the fact of the matter is that it’s possible for it to happen later on.

The biggest risk of getting pregnant after your partner has had a vasectomy will occur in the first few months after the procedure.  When you get a vasectomy, the health care provider will generally schedule a series of semen tests for the weeks following your vasectomy to check for sperm.  One of the most common ways that a woman gets pregnant after her partner’s vasectomy is if they don’t practice an alternate form of birth control in those first few months.  While it varies from one man to the next, it generally takes around ten weeks before sperm stop showing up in the semen after having a vasectomy.  In general, a man will have to have somewhere between 25 and 30 ejaculations before no sperm can be found in the semen, however some men have needed as many as 60 ejaculations for this to occur.

In some cases, even after a semen test is taken in which no sperm are found, a man may later become potent and start having sperm in his semen again.  Any number of things can be responsible for this.  They can include a technical error in the vasectomy procecure, for example.  In some cases, the ends of the vasa that are cut can actually grow back together on their own.  In other cases, an opening can develop in the vasa that will allow sperm to come through.

The key is to make sure that your partner’s semen has bene thoroughly tested on a regular basis, to make sure that you’re not going to again get pregnant after your partner’s vasectomy.

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