Can Taking Birth Control Affect a Pregnancy Test?

Birth control pills are one of the most popular methods of preventing pregnancy. However, women may still find themselves pregnant on the pill if they dont take it properly or some other medication interferes with the birth control pills. This leads women to wonder whether not birth control pills affect at home pregnancy tests or not. The answer is that nothing can affect a pregnancy test unless you have a faulty test, which is rare, or you are taking a form of the pregnancy hormone to assist in fertility.

If you are taking birth control pills and start having pregnancy symptoms, miss your period, or just arent sure what is going on with your body then you need to take a pregnancy test. If the test is negative odds are you are not pregnant and something else is going on with your body. If you take the test and it is positive then you are most definitely pregnant. That is because the pregnancy tests only detect the pregnancy hormone in your body. There is nothing in the birth control pills that could be mistaken for the pregnancy hormone or cause a false positive. So, even if you are taking birth control pills and decide to take a pregnancy test there is nothing that should affect the outcome of the test other than the fact of whether you are pregnant or not.

Women also worry that other things like stress, alcohol, drugs, and the like might affect the outcome of a pregnancy test. This is just not the case. The only thing that might possibly result in a false positive is if you have taken the pregnancy hormone HCG to try and help you become pregnant and you test before the hormone is out of your system. You can pretty much count on being pregnant if your pregnancy test is positive.

What Next?
The most important thing once you receive a positive pregnancy test is to make an appointment with your OB/GYN. Early prenatal care is important and it will ensure you have the smoothest pregnancy possible. Also, your doctor will allay your fears and help you understand what is happening with your body, what to expect, and how to have the healthiest pregnancy possible. Once you receive a positive pregnancy test, whether you are on birth control pills or not, visit your doctor to make sure all is well. You wont regret it and having a healthy baby is what is most important.

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