Can I Swim in a Pool during Pregnancy?

Summertime is upon us, and with it will come the blistering hot “dog days.” Few things can help to cool you down on a hot summer day than a dip in the pool. Yet, for the pregnant woman, getting into a pool might be a concern. You might be worried that getting into a pool full of chlorine and other chemicals could, in some way or another, be harmful to you or to your baby.

The good news is that swimming in a chlorinated pool during pregnancy is generally a very safe activity. There is no data whatsoever to suggest that swimming in a properly chlorinated pool will cause any increased risk of things like miscarriage or birth defects. You should be able to get into a pool without having to worry about the chlorine.

In fact, getting into non-chlorinated water could be more dangerous. The fact of the matter is that chlorine serves to kill bacteria. Those bacteria can cause infections, which of course can be harmful to you and to your developing baby.

Getting into a pool can often be relaxing. Floating around in the water allows the weight of your body to be evenly distributed. In fact, many pregnant women who can’t seem to get comfortable enough to sleep at night say that floating in the pool is exactly what they need to take some strain off their tired muscles and backs.

The one concern you do need to keep in mind if you’re in a pool during pregnancy is sunburn. Sunburn can adversely affect your skin, and there is some speculation that severely raising your body temperature could negatively affect your baby, although there isn’t any strong data to suggest that this is necessarily the case. Regardless, you don’t want to be sunburnt, as that will just add to your pregnancy discomfort.

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