Can I keep exercising during the first trimester?

Not only is it all right for you to keep on exercising during the first trimester, It is also recommended that you keep exercising during the first trimester. Exercise during the first trimester has many potential benefits to both you and to your baby. Still, it is important that you reevaluate your exercise routine when you find out that you are pregnant.

When you keep exercising during the first trimester, there are several benefits. First, keeping up with an exercise routine during pregnancy will help you to have an increased sense of self-control. Exercising during pregnancy may also help you to sleep better during your pregnancy. Exercise during the first trimester can also help to alleviate some of the problematic symptoms of pregnancy, such as backache and constipation. Finally, exercising during the first trimester and throughout pregnancy will help your body to be more prepared for the birthing process, as well as more prepared for weight loss after your baby is born.

You can keep exercising at pretty much the same intensity during your first trimester as you did before you became pregnant. Just about any kind of exercise routine or activity should be fine. You will want to avoid skiing, contact sports, and any other activity that includes a risk of abdominal injury during your first trimester and throughout the rest of your pregnancy, as well. Still, it is likely that you wont feel much like exercising too much during the first trimester. The morning sickness and fatigue that so often occur during the first trimester might temper your desire to work out somewhat. Still, you should try as best you can to stick with a regular exercise routine during the first trimester.

You also need to listen to your body and know what your limits are in terms of exercising during the first trimester. You need to be realistic, and realize that you may not be able to keep up exactly with your old exercise routines. In addition, you might find that you are becoming tired more quickly now. These things are absolutely normal, and nothing to get too down about. As long as you’re getting some exercise in, you’re doing fine. Also, you need to watch especially for becoming overheated or dehydrated, both of which are more likely to occur during pregnancy than they did before.

Keep exercising during your first trimester, as there are a great many benefits to you and to your baby. Be safe when you do exercise during the first trimester, and don’t be discouraged if you aren’t up to quite as much exercise as you were before you were pregnant.

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