Can I Homeschool Other Children As Well As My Own?

The basis of homeschooling is that parents choose to teach their children at home. There are many motivational reasons behind making this difficult decision and it almost always stems from love and the desire for their children to have the very best. But, some people wonder if while they are homeschooling their child they could homeschool someone elses. In order to get a clear answer you will need to check with your states department of education to determine what is legal in your state and what is not.

In North Carolina, the law states that a homeschooling family may homeschool the children of one other family. That is the limit. However, very few families actually choose to homeschool other children. It seems in the cases that this does occur it is due to an emergency situation and is almost always children who are related to the homeschooling family in some way or are very good friends of the family.

The reason this rarely occurs is because homeschooling is a very personal choice and teaching your children your beliefs and thoughts is no problem. But, when you have another child mixed in this can be a problem. Also, scheduling the day with your own children is easy, but when you have another family depending on homeschool and a certain schedule it becomes more difficult.

Adding children from another family into your homeschool atmosphere can really take the advantages of homeschooling and turn them into disadvantages. Because of this many families simply make the sacrifice to homeschool their own children. In rare cases, some families may homeschool other children from another family but this rarely occurs and when it does it is only for a short period of time.

However, if you are homeschooling your children and are really interested in also teaching the children of another family then you need to talk to your department of education to find out the rules. Some states allow this while others do not. So, in order to ensure you are following protocol you will need to get the information from your state and then make your decision. Just remember that homeschooling your own children is a challenge and homeschooling children from another family may prove even more challenging. Because of this you really need to think about this before making a decision.

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