Can Essential Oils Help Ease Colic Symptoms?

Babies with colic are defined as crying for more than three hours at a time for at least three days a week. Some babies with colic cry more than this and other babies cry almost as much, and even if they arent diagnosed with colic it is frustrating for the parents to deal with as well as the baby. As a result of colic parents are in search of whatever remedy might work and provide their little one, and themselves, with some much needed relief. One popular remedy is using herbal essential oils.

Lots of infants with colic respond well to herbal teas and the like because they help relieve the gastrointestinal pain, gas, and abdominal spasms. The same thing goes for the herbal essential oils. They are made from the same herbs used in herbal teas for colic, but they are for external use only. This means that herbal essential oils like chamomile or fennel can be used for infant massage. Just a massage on the babys belly with these essential oils can provide some much needed relief.

Herbal essential oils are especially beneficial for colicky babies when they refuse to drink an herbal tea or a bottle of milk mixed with the herbs. If the baby refuses to drink, and many babies with colic do, then you cant get the symptom relieving herbs in their little bodies to relieve the symptoms. However, a massage with these essential oils does the same thing and does not require much cooperation on the part of the suffering infant.

So, if you have a baby with colic and have tried everything and nothing has worked then consider herbal remedies. You can use chamomile tea as an internal remedy or chamomile essential oil as an external remedy. There are plenty of other herbs that help relieve the symptoms of colic as well. Dont let your baby suffer any more without trying these herbal essential oils. They dont work well for some babies, but many parents have reported their infant responded well fairly quickly and the colic symptoms subsided.

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