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Can A Step-Parent Fill The Shoes Of A

Can A Step-Parent Fill The Shoes Of A Biological Parent? A common question is whether or not a step parent can fill the shoes of a biological parent. The answer to this question is very difficult because there are so many different situations out there regarding family situations. However, a step parent can fill the shoes of a biological parent if that parent is absent from the childs life. Children need good role models and they also need a mother and father figure in their life. If one of their biological parents is not interested in providing this and you are then many times it can work out well. Keep in mid, however, that the age of your child when you try to fill the shoes of the biological parent will affect the outcome tremendously. For example, many step parents take over the role of biological parent when they marry someone with a baby or toddler. Sometimes these children grow up never knowing the truth and assume their step parent is indeed their biological parent. This is not necessarily the best way to go about it, but it works. If a step parent comes into play when the child is a little older and has no connection with their biological parent that the step parent is replacing then filling the biological parents shoes is fairly easy because the shoes are so small. Kids yearn for a mother and a father and if they dont have one or the other it is a challenge. If you marry the childs biological parent it will take time for the child to look to you as a parent, but if you act like a parent and love and care for the child then it wont take long before the child begins treating you like a parent. In the case where you marry a man or woman and the other biological parent is still in the childs life then you absolutely cannot fill the shoes of the biological parent. As long as the child knows who is parents are and they both are in his life and care for him then you are simply and extra in his life and by no means a parent. This can hurt a step parents feelings and sometimes this can cause problems within the family. However, as long as everyone sits down and talks about what is going in things will work out.

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