Can a Pregnancy Test Tell Me If I’m Miscarrying?

Once a positive pregnancy test is received most women are overjoyed. At least those women who were trying to become pregnant are. But, once the positive test is received lots of new concerns and anxieties surface that make women anxious and nervous. The first trimester is the most likely time a miscarriage will occur, so until women hit that 12 week mark they are often nervous and counting the days. One popular question is that whether a pregnancy test can determine whether a woman is miscarrying or not. The answer is fairly simple, although you may still feel somewhat worried about miscarrying until you are out of the first trimester.

Pregnancy Tests
Pregnancy tests detect the level of the pregnancy hormone HCG in your urine. So, if you receive a positive pregnancy test that means you are pregnant and have enough hormone in your body for the test to pick it up. If by some chance you take the pregnancy test one day and receive a positive result and then take the test a few days later and receive a negative result then it is possible you have miscarried or are in the process of miscarrying. In general, however, the pregnancy test is not used to detect a miscarriage, blighted ovum, ectopic pregnancy, or anything else. A pregnancy test is designed to specifically determine whether you are pregnant or not.

More often than not if you are miscarrying and are more than a couple weeks pregnant you will notice bleeding and cramps. This is a telltale sign that something is going on with your body that is not normal and you should seek medical care. Dont rely on a pregnancy test to let you know you are miscarrying because this is not the job of the pregnancy test.

Dont Stress
It is believed that up to 25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, although many of these end within a few days of conception and do not cause any real symptoms for the woman. If you have taken a pregnancy test and it was positive then go ahead and make an appointment with your doctor for your first prenatal visit. Most of the time a vaginal ultrasound will be performed to determine whether or not the pregnancy is viable and to see how far along you are. In the event the pregnancy does not look like it will last your doctor will talk to you about miscarriage and what you should expect. Also, your doctor may give you some tips to help you prevent miscarriage although most of the time if the body is trying to miscarry their is a good reason to do so.

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