Can a Circumcision be Performed at any Age or Only on Infants?

A circumcision may be performed on a male of any age that has not been circumcised at a prior date. However, it is most usual for a newborn child to be circumcised within a few days of his birth. Sometimes, children are not circumcised and at a later age determine that they want to be circumcised. When this occurs the male simply needs to visit the doctor and express his concerns.

Later Circumcisions

Men choosing to have a circumcision at a later date may choose the type of circumcision they want. Some of the options include loose, tight, moderate, partial, minimal, and others. There are low and high circumcisions and each man can determine what he wants and direct the doctor in that way. With babies, the doctors make the decision for the baby and sometimes too much skin is cut away, other times not enough, and frequently infections occur. Later circumcisions are painful, just as they are for newborn babies. However, older males choosing to undergo a circumcision know what the pain is from, how to manage it, and that they chose to endure this pain. Newborn babies, however, who have just gone through the stressful process of delivery have terrible pain inflicted upon them and they are unaware of why or how. This is followed by several days of painful urination and could result in other problems, like an infection, too.

Self Circumcision

There are several options for self circumcision that may be done in the comfort of one’s own home. However, there is not the option of anesthesia or a doctor on hand should something go wrong. Not to mention, this could be quite uncomfortable and may not performed correctly. It is important for individuals interested in self circumcision to think about this seriously and even consider making an appointment with the doctor to discuss the pros and cons.

These are just a few of the things people should know about circumcision. Parents who like the idea of circumcision but not the idea of having their newborn suffer through the procedure may take comfort in the fact that the procedure may be performed at a later date. Plus, it gives boys the option of making their own decision regarding their penis’ appearance and what works best for them.

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