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Biological Children & Step Children – Can The

Biological Children & Step Children – Can The Bond Be Equal? Many families are mixed with biological children and step children. This happens so frequently due to the many divorces and second, or more, marriages that occur with offspring. One important question is whether the bond can be equal among biological children and step children. Most experts agree that while a step parent may love and respect their step children they can never have that personal and close bond with them that they have with their biological children. Many times step parents who do not have biological children of their own bond better with step children than the other way around. Additionally, the age of the step children when the step parent came into the picture also affects how much bonding goes on. If children are very young and the step parent begins to parent the child and love it then a special bond will be formed. It is rarely as special as a biological bond, but it can be very strong. On the other hand, if a family is broken by divorce and one or both parents remarry when the children are older then developing a special bond with the step parent can be very difficult. In return, the step parent may find it very hard to develop a relationship with step children who seem hateful and angry about the relationship. This makes marriages difficult because step children frequently feel guilty about accepting the step parent as if they are not being loyal to their biological parent. The whole situation can become quite messy and very frustrating. It takes a lot of love, effort, and time to sort through the problems and develop a step parent and step child relationship. Even then the relationship will provide challenges. Unconditional love like a parent has for a biological child is very difficult, not impossible, but very difficult to develop for a stepchild. That is normal human nature. Parents are supposed to have a special bond with their children and love them unconditionally. However, families dont always stay together and when this happens children may find themselves with a step parent and vice versa. This situation is never easy and it takes a lot of time and effort to overcome. Nevertheless, a special bond may be created if the step parent tries hard enough. Just remember that there are many hurt feelings and emotions involved in the whole step child, step parent scenario that makes bonding a challenge.

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