Best Ways To Deal With A Cold While Pregnant

When you’re pregnant, you can’t take any kind of medication without medical supervision. Even the things that seem to be so harmless should not be used; things like cold sore ointments, aspirin and even some herbal preparations. In fact, there are even some essential oils used in aromatherapy that are not to be used during pregnancy, lavender and rosemary in particular.

When you have a cold during pregnancy, your usual discomfort is amplified because for one thing, you have this tiny being inside you who is applying pressure to your organs and kicking and bouncing around, and you also have such symptoms to contend with as morning sickness, indigestion and hemorrhoids. The last thing you need is a congested head, a runny nose, incessant sneezing and feeling out of breath. What can you do?

Well, as it turns out, there’s plenty you can do. Most importantly, stay away from medications containing pseudoephedrine and aspirin because they are dangerous to take during pregnancy. What you need to do is identify the actual symptoms you are experiencing and deal with them proactively.

If you have a sore throat
Sometimes the old remedies are the best, pregnant or not. Try a warm salt water gargle three times a day. The salt helps to kill any bacteria. To refresh the mouth, peppermint tea helps to get rid of that awful taste we get when we have a cold. Add sugar if you like. A syrup made from honey, lemon juice and a spoonful of vinegar can also be beneficial for a sore throat. Warm it on the stove and sip slowly.

Nasal congestion
Vicks VapoRub is wonderful to help clear the nasal passages. Rub a little on your chest so that your body warmth will help the aromatics to waft up toward your face. Saline nasal spray is also a good idea and you’d be surprised at how effective it is. You shouldn’t even take over-the-counter nasal sprays when you are pregnant, but saline is totally safe.

Headache and other aches and pains
Check with your doctor what kind of pain reliever you can use and again, be sure you don’t take aspirin.

Always, always keep up your fluid intake. Drinking plenty helps to keep everything well lubricated and also helps your body to flush out toxins. Water is best, naturally, but try herbal teas, juice or milk if you feel you can tolerate it with your cold.

Above all, rest. Never underestimate the body’s need for rest to help it recharge and renew itself. Try to get adequate sleep, and put your feet up whenever possible.

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