Being Out In Public With A Potty-Training Toddler

When you are potty training your child you may feel relatively confident in your home where you can easily clean up accidents or get your child to the potty in time. But, what should you do when you are in public? How are you supposed to respond to your childs cries of needing to potty when there is no potty in sight? There are so many scenarios that can occur when you are in public with a potty training toddler that it can truly feel overwhelming for some parents. As a result, families tend to stay in more during the potty training days. However, this does not have to be the case. You can be in public with a potty training toddler as long as you are prepared beforehand.

Consider Pull Ups
I know that you have told your child he or she will only wear big boy or girl underwear while potty training, but perhaps you could have a little bit of leeway in this rule. When you are out in public, like on an all day shopping trip, putting your child in a pull up will not set him back yet it will keep you from distressing over whether your child needs to pee or poop and if he has already done so. You will be much more relaxed and your child will be too, as a result. You can simply ask your child if he needs to go potty every hour or so and especially after drinking or eating. The pull up does not have to be used on a regular basis or short public outings, but the longer outings will be more enjoyable for everyone with a pull up on the potty training toddler.

Know Where the Restrooms Are
When you are out in public with your potty training toddler you will need to know where the restrooms are. This saves you some time when your toddler announces he needs to go potty because you dont have to ask or find the restrooms because you already know where they are.

If you are at a restaurant ask the server to seat you near the restrooms. This means that when the need arises you are close by.

Dont Panic
Most moms who take their potty training toddlers out in public on a regular basis will experience at least one if not more accidents. Just relax and try not to panic. You remembered to pack an extra set of clothes, underwear, even socks and shoes so you are ready to clean your toddler up and keep on moving.

Final Thoughts
The most important thing about being out in public with your potty training toddler is to be ready for anything. If you are anticipating trips to the potty, know where the potty is, and have all the necessary supplies then you will probably get through the public outings with no problem. Just keep in mind that if an accident occurs it is no biggie.

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