Being Held-Back/Repeating Kindergarten – Pros & Cons

Many parents are faced with the decision to either hold their child back for another year of kindergarten or send them on to first grade. When your child is on the line and may be able to handle first grade and may not then making the decision can be a stressful one. There are some definite pros and cons to having your child repeat kindergarten and just a few of them are addressed below. You will need to talk to your child, his teacher, and address his skills and abilities before making a final decision. However, the following information just might help you in your decision.

One of the pros to holding your child back is that he will be more mature. When your child is more mature he is better able to learn, develop friendships, and the like. Obviously this is a pro for holding your child back if he is not mature for his age.

Another benefit is that your childs developmental skills will improve. This means he will be able to complete the assigned work and learn better than he did when he was a year younger. Being the oldest in the class is often times a pro to holding your child back. He will be older than other classmates, larger, and probably even better at sports and other activities. This can really enhance his self esteem and his confidence level.

Yet another pro is that your child will know the ropes. He will know the rules, how the school day goes and wont need to adjust to the new schedule. He will be comfortable with the teacher and already know a lot of the information being taught. This will help your child prepare for the next grade.

Of course, when there are pros there are also cons. Your child might not learn anything else in kindergarten even if he repeats the grade. It could be that he learned everything there was to learn the first time around and since he was already presented with that information he wont pay attention or learn. Many children who are held back will be picked on and ultimately feel stupid because they were not successful the first time around. This may cause them to lose self esteem and confidence in their abilities. Finally, some children will be bored when they repeat kindergarten because they already took the class and want something new and different.

Making the Decision

Making the decision will require a lot of thought and contemplation on the parents part. The childs wishes should also be taken into consideration as well as the teachers recommendation. At that point you will be able to take the information you have and make the best decision for your child.

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