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Bed Wetting Regression After Being Fully Potty-Trained

You had been holding your breath throughout the whole potty training process, crossing your fingers, and just hoping it would be over soon. The end result was a fully potty trained toddler and you were excited and relieved at the same time. But, something horrible has happened, your fully potty trained child has reverted to bed wetting and you have no idea why or what to do. Unfortunately, bed wetting regression is rather normal and it does have some causes that can be corrected. Check them out below.

Stress Can Cause Regression
Believe it or not but stress is the number one cause of bed wetting regression in children. Many parents dont recognize their child is stressed out and that this can be a cause of bed wetting accidents. However, the truth of the matter is that many situations may arise to make your child feel stress and the result is a regression to bed wetting. Some examples of stress a child may feel include attending a new school, divorce, death, a new baby, moving, a new babysitter, mom going back to work, and many others.

If your child was fully potty trained and has recently had accidents then consider any big changes in her life. IF you can pinpoint something then this may be the reason your child has regressed to bed wetting. If not, then you might want to talk to her teacher or babysitter to see if anything else has happened you are not aware of. If all seems well, then a doctors appointment might be called for.

Too Much to Drink Before Bed
This may seem obvious, but your child may be having too much to drink before bed. When you were nighttime potty training you likely limited fluid intake before bed. But, after your child was nighttime potty trained for a while you may have slipped on this rule and now your child is drinking a big glass of milk, water or juice right before bed. If this is the case limit fluids several hours before bed and see if that helps.

Not Enough Sleep
There are some children out there who have such busy schedules for their little bodies they cant keep up. The result is the become over tired and when they fall asleep they are so sound asleep they cant wake up to go to the bathroom. Evaluate if your childs schedule has changed significantly since becoming potty trained at night. If all of a sudden your child is taking gymnastics, dance, karate, and art during the week and skipping an afternoon nap then your problem may be an overtired child who needs a lighter schedule.

What to Do
The best thing to do is evaluate these tips and see if any one of them might apply to your child. If so then try some of the recommendations and see if they work for your child. If not then consider making an appointment with your pediatrician. Your doctor knows about regression and can be very helpful in pinning down the reason why.

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