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Bed Rest What to Expect & How to Cope

There are a variety of conditions that a woman can experience during pregnancy that might lead a health care provider to place the mom-to-be on bedrest. Bedrest might include anything from occasional resting at home, to full-time monitoring and resting in the hospital. Bed rest is typically used to help the mother’s body to normalize, and to insure a successful pregnancy.

Typically, during bed rest your provider will restrict your activities. You may not be allowed to cook, do household chores, bathe, drive, have sexual intercourse, or even walk. Again, this will vary from one woman to the next. In general, any woman on bed rest is encouraged to avoid heavy lifting, exercise, and other strenuous physical activity.

Some things that can make it easier to cope with bed rest can include:

– Ask friends and family to help. You may find that many people are anxious to do what they can to make sure your pregnancy goes well.

– Take advantage of the free time you have. Spend your time reading about the labor process, or about parenting and childcare. Rearrange photo albums, update your address books, or work on other projects you’ve put off until you have had more time.

– Get organized for the baby. Plan baby names, a gift registry, insurance issues, birth announcements, and even thank-you notes.

– Get into a routine. By having and following a regular schedule, you will feel like you are more in control of your life.

– Keep the things you need handy. Keep a telephone, a telephone book, writing utensils and paper, a brush or comb and a mirror, books, magazines, remote controls, cosmetics, and/or a laptop computer with you in bed.

– Keep in touch with the rest of your family. Ask your husband and older if they will eat breakfast in bed with you. Call your long-lost aunt and see how she is doing. Order gifts online or via the telephone for holidays such as Fathers day.

– Keep perspective. Remember that your bed rest will not last forever; When your baby is born healthy and happy, it will have all been worth it.

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