At What Age Should My Toddler Be Toilet Trained?

Parents wonder when their toddlers should being toilet training usually by the time they can walk. Parents don’t particularly care for changing diapers and look forward to the day when the baby is finally potty trained, which often leads to parents potty training too soon. What is best is for mom and dad to be patient and simply relax. Most children are toilet trained when they are 2 ½ to 3 years during the day and it may take up to 4 years of age for little ones to gain control at night. This may seem like forever to the parents who are tired of diapers, however it is important to let your toddler take his development one step at a time. Going too fast or too soon will prolog the process and stress everyone out.

There are several things you can evaluate to determine if your child is ready to begin toilet training. The first thing you need to determine is if your child knows what you want them to do. They also need to know and identify when they need to go to the bathroom and signal this urge to their parent before it happens. Toddlers should be able to tell you they need to go to the bathroom. They also need to be able to hold their urge to go to the bathroom while they make it to the toilet, take off their clothes, and actually sit on the toilet. Then, they must be able to relax so they can actually pee or have a bowel movement.

Trying to train before your child can do all of these things means that it will take forever and both parent and child will be frustrated. Usually, if you wait until after your child’s second birthday to begin toilet training you will have a better chance of success and the process will take less time.

Don’t let others influence you into thinking that you must potty train your child at an earlier age or that their child was potty trained at a particular age. Simply pay attention to your child so that you will know when they are ready. When they begin showing interest in the potty then take them to pick out a potty of their own. Show them how to use it and explain when they should use it. Then, let them figure it out on their own for a little while to get comfortable with the idea. In no time they will be ready and it will happen much faster.

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