Are There Things My Child Should Know Before Entering Kindergarten?

Your child is starting kindergarten this year and you begin to wonder if he is really prepared. You also make yourself feel better by telling yourself that its just kindergarten how much does your child really need to know? Well, these days kindergarten is much more about learning than it is about playing so there are some basic skills your child will need to know before entering kindergarten. Also, the more your child knows the more successful he will be and the higher self esteem he will have.

The Alphabet
One of the most important things your child should know before entering kindergarten is the alphabet. This means saying all the letters and recognizing them. If your child can write the alphabet then that is even better. But, your child should at least be able to write his name before entering kindergarten. Vocabulary is also important so the more your child knows the better.

Basic shapes and forms will be taught in kindergarten so the more familiar your child is with these the better. Your child should know his numbers 1-10 if at all possible. This includes counting and recognizing them on paper. Additionally, basic math concepts like adding and subtracting will be introduced. So, if your child knows what two plus two is then he will be able to learn even more.

The World Around Us
The world around us is also a common theme in kindergarten. This means knowing the days of the week, months of the year, the weather and appropriate clothes, colors, holidays, and more. The more your child knows about the world and daily activities the better. These are all discussed in detail during kindergarten, but if your child has already been exposed to these details and has a basic understanding then his learning will be increased during kindergarten.

Teaching Your Child
You may be worried your child is not prepared for kindergarten and are wondering what to do. Instead of having a breakdown and submitting your child to a mini boot camp to prepare him for kindergarten you should start out slowly. Make sure you are reading educational books every day and talking about the meaning with your child. Ask your child the colors and to count. The more you make learning fun the more likely you will ensure your child is learning and that he will be ready for kindergarten.

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