Are There Advantages/Disadvantages to Starting Kindergarten Late?

You have probably heard the debate about children who start kindergarten late and whether it is a good idea to wait or to go ahead and enroll your child in kindergarten on schedule. And, as with everything, there are both advantages and disadvantages to enrolling your child in kindergarten late. The following list of advantages and disadvantages will give you the basic idea and just might help you determine what choice is best for your child.

There are lots of advantages for the child that starts kindergarten late. However, just a few of them will be discussed here to give you the basic idea. First of all, if your child starts kindergarten late he will be more mature. Maturity is a signal that your child is ready for kindergarten and if you wait an extra year you are practically guaranteed that your child will be more mature than most of his classmates.

Another advantage is that your child will be developmentally ready. Some children dont do well in kindergarten because they are not mentally and developmentally ready to do so. However, allowing your child to start school later will mean that more than likely he will be developmentally ready for all types of kindergarten instruction.

When kids are more developmentally ready they also frequently know more than their counterparts. This will increase your childs self esteem and may create a positive reinforcement for him throughout the rest of his school years.

Of course, when you have advantages you also have disadvantages. One disadvantage is that your child may feel out of place and bored. If you waited to enroll him and by that point your child could already complete the kindergarten coursework then when he is actually enrolled in kindergarten he may feel bored and not challenged. Also, as your child ages he will be the oldest in his class and there will be lots of other children his age in the class above him. This may make your child feel out of place because he isnt in the same class with other children his age and everyone in his class is younger.

Being the oldest can sometimes lead the child to feel as if he was held back because he wasnt smart enough rather than any other reasons you might have.

These are just a few of the advantages and disadvantages for children who are held back before they enter kindergarten. As a parent you will need to evaluate the benefits and the drawbacks and then make the best decision for your child.

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