Are Premature Babies More Likely To Suffer From Colic?

There are no specific determined causes of colic although several different things might cause colic. One of these is a sensitivity to cows milk proteins. Most premature babies will have colic in reaction to exposure to cows milk proteins. So, if you have a premature baby and want to avoid colic if at all possible then breastfeeding your baby is best. However, if you cant breastfeed then using a formula developed specially for colicky babies is recommended.

The reason premature babies have colic, whether it is due to cows protein or another problem, is because these babies digestive systems and nervous systems are not fully mature. As a result, any little thing may upset the babys digestive system and cause colic.

Another possible reason that premature babies develop colic is because they cant transition from being awake to being asleep. Transitioning from one sleep state to another is difficult in premature babies and in some full term babies and uncontrollable crying ensues. It is believed that the crying episodes creates the gas that colic is known for which further exacerbates the problem.

Changing formulas is a good way to see if your baby suffers due to cows protein or something else. However, if your baby has colic because she cant transition well from one sleep state to another then you should consider using Kangaroo Care. This method involves removing your babies clothing except for her diaper and placing her between the breasts and very close to the body. Turn her head so it is just above your heart and swaddle the baby against you ensuring there is still lots of skin to skin contact. Many times babies who are close to their mothers in this way, or even their fathers, are able to transition from one sleep state to another, and not cry as much. This treatment causes no harm to mother or baby, is free, and can be done anywhere. So, if you have a colicky baby consider Kangaroo care to see if it makes a difference.

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