Are Discipline Methods Different In Other Countries?

A common question American parents have is if discipline methods are different in other countries. The answer is a resounding yes. All countries have their own discipline methods that work best for their culture.

Kids in India are not asked to clean their room or to finish their vegetables. This is because these actions are not a choice. Indian children are told to clean their room and finish their vegetables because it is a requirement. Children in this country also realize that they do not backtalk their parents, ask why, complain, or try to wriggle out of the punishment. Instead, when a punishment is handed down the child simply accepts it. There is utmost respect for the parents and screaming matches rarely if ever ensure. Parents hand out punishments and children accept them. That is that. There is no challenging authority.

There is a ban against hitting children in any way in Sweden. This ban against physical punishment really works and most parents abide by it. The reason for this ban is to ensure that children are protected and not physically abused. They are instead punished by timeouts and other similar methods that are just as effective. The argument is that if it is wrong to settle an argument with an adult by fighting then how is it ok to hit a child?

Other countries around the world use corporal punishment, humiliation, and physical abuse to discipline children. This is certainly not acceptable behavior in the eyes of Americans and many others, but there are countries that question how parents choose to discipline their children in the United States.

Discipline truly is a very personal decision and learning what is best for your child is important. All kids learn differently and you may need to use several different methods of discipline in order to discipline all of your children. However, finding what works really is important and avoiding abusing your child is of utmost importance.

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