Are Any Skin Care Products Safe To Use During Pregnancy?

The fact of the matter is that pregnancy, especially the first trimester of pregnancy, is a critical time for both you and for your developing baby.  There are many products that may be completely safe for you to use at a time other than pregnancy, but that can cause a variety of concerns in terms of safety during pregnancy.  Even some skin care products should be considered to be unsafe to use during pregnancy.

This can be especially frustrating for many women.  One of the most especially frustrating types of body changes that occurs during pregnancy is changes to the skin.  For a woman who is already naturally prone to having breakouts of acne, pregnancy can amplify this problem.  The changing hormone levels that occur during pregnancy cause the pregnant woman’s skin to produce more oils, which leads to more acne and skin blemishes.  In fact, during pregnancy, a woman’s acne is likely to not occur only on the face, but also on other places on the body.  In addition to acne, it is not uncommon for a woman to develop stretch marks during pregnancy.  It is estimated that half of all pregnant women will develop stretch marks, in fact.

It is important to know which skin care products are safe to use during pregnancy, and which skin care products are not safe to use during pregnancy.  For example, while it is true that over-the-counter skin medications that contain benzoyl peroxide have been tested and proved to be safe during pregnant, there are some medications that may not be safe for you to use during pregnancy.  These skin medications include ones that contain Tetracycline, Salicyclic Acid (a common ingredient in over-the-counter acne treatments), Tretinon (sold under the brand name Retin-A), and Isotrentinoin (sold under the brand name Accutane).

There are some skin care products that are safe to use during pregnancy.  For example, there are natural or herbal skin care products that have been demonstrated to be safe for a pregnant woman to use.  There are products that help to keep the skin moisturized, for example.  There are skin care products that can help with the itching that often accompanies pregnancy.  There are even natural and herbal skin care products that may help to reduce the likelihood of stretch marks, as well.

As always, you should speak with your health care provider about any skin care regimen you intend to undertake during pregnancy.

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