All Signs Point to Pregnancy but Test is Negative?

The common signs of pregnancy include nausea, exhaustion, missed period, and the like. So, when women experience these symptoms they frequently will take a pregnancy test just to find out whether they are pregnant or not. In many cases the test is positive and the woman understands why she has been feeling the way she has. But then again, sometimes the test is negative and the woman is confused as to what is going on. Is she pregnant or not? Is the test accurate or not? And, what comes next? Pregnancy tests really are very accurate, but they must be used right around the time a woman misses her period or afterwards. Otherwise the body may not have had time to produce enough pregnancy hormone for the test to detect.

Basically, women who take a pregnancy test that comes back negative fit into two categories. They are either not pregnant or they are pregnant but took the test too early. Pregnancy tests work by picking up the amount of HCG hormone in your body. The hormone starts out low and then starts to double every few days. Some women have low levels of HCG while others have high levels. Regardless, if you take a pregnancy test within the first 1-3 weeks of conception and have low levels of the pregnancy hormone then it is entirely possible you are pregnant but the test is not strong enough to pick up the amount of hormone in your body.

When you have tender breasts, morning sickness, and a missed period but the pregnancy test still says negative you might want to wait 2-7 days before taking another test. Waiting will allow the hormone levels to increase enough that a pregnancy test will pick them up. If at this point in time a pregnancy test comes back as negative again then you are probably not pregnant and something else is going on. If you truly feel you are pregnant then make an appointment with your doctor. A transvaginal ultrasound can determine for sure whether you are pregnant or not and your doctor will be able to see how much HCG is in your urine or blood, if any at all. At this point you will know for sure if you are pregnant or not. Pregnancy tests are wonderful inventions because they allow most women to find out quickly and in the privacy of their own homes whether they are pregnant or not. However, in the situation where you just arent sure a trip to the doctor should be all you need to find out for sure!

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    Hi I’m 20 yrs old I have a 18 month old.. I always start on the 1-2 of the month well may 1st I startec my normal cycle and june 1st started my normal cycle again I had un unprotected sex with my bf 2 days after my period on june 26th I spotted very lightly for two days now its july 6th an still no sign of my period.!! Could I be pregnant? I’ve taken 5 pregnancy test over the past few days (with my first morning pee) and there all negative. I’ve had nausea, highly sensitive smeller (nose is working wonderfully) tender boobs, emotional, tired-draind no energy… whats going on can someone help!!? I’m not under any stress, I’m not under/over weight I’m 5’1 an weigh 105.. and on all the pregnancy test I’ve taken each one the CONTROL LINE has gotten lighter an lighter. Like the one I did today was so light I could hardly see it but absolutely notjing in the test line.. could I be pregnant?

  • Vickie B.

    Well, if you had unprotected sex 2 days after your period there is a very small chance that you could be pregnant. That would be a tad early but sperm can survive up to 5 days after ejaculation. Though, your dates listed seem a little off in your post. If you had sex on the 26th of June and your period was due on the 1st of July, then chances of you being pregnant are pretty slim. Re the pregnancy tests, it sounds like you need to try a different brand. The control line isn’t supposed to fade away.

  • Angela Odom

    My name is Angela Odom. I’m 18 years of age and I am engaged. I’ve been having problems with my breast producing milk, having morning sickness, very tired, and arguing more with people in my home. I took a pregnacy test and it said negative. My real mom, before she had me, took two pregnancy tests and it came back negative, and my step mother, whenever she was pregnant with my half brother, took several pregnancy tests and it came back negative. Should I just go to the doctor and find out, or try to take another test?

  • ashley

    I normally get mine on the 1 st I had it last month on the first and it ended on the 5. Here it is almost 9 days late. I took test all came up negative. I’ve been getting sick , I’m tired but I thought it was because I work 3rd now . Everyone is saying it’s prob just stress , but really I’m not stressed at all . What could it be!

  • Emily

    Hi, my last period was on 16/01/15 and i had a look at about 10 different websites and they each say i am roughly 4 weeks pregnant. I have done multiple hpt’s and most are all coming back with negative reaults except for one. It was a dark line and one really faint one. I have been throwing up in the middle of the night last night, i haven’t got my period yet which is unusual because it normally comes on time, last week i had the worst boob soreness and i have been constantly nauseated. Do you think im pregnant?

  • Abby

    Hi, my last period was on Jan 9, 2015. I had protected sex (condom) on the 20 of Jan. on the weekend I had light spotting. Now I am experiencing bloating, headaches, tender breasts, frequent trips to the bathroom, food cravings and exhaustion. I took a pregnancy test this morning and it said negative. Then I took a couple more. It still said the same. I am worried that I might be pregnant. I don’t know when my next period is because I am irregular. I’m only 15. Please help!

  • Vickie B.

    It’s possible. When are you taking the pregnancy tests? First morning urine is your best bet at getting a positive result if you are pregnant.

  • Emily

    I’m waiting on results from my doctor regarding my HGC levels. All negative tests, 4 days late. Wasn’t using first urine of the day

  • Vickie B.

    Since you have an irregular period, you used protection, and have gotten many negative tests, I wouldn’t worry too much. Chances are in your favor that you are not pregnant.

  • sara

    I am trying to get pregnant.. I am irregular therefore I took ovulation test to find out when I am ovulation. Since trying I’ve had breast tenderness and morning sickness but all test either say negative or simply do not work.. what is happening ?? Help!!!

  • Rkluttz

    I had my last period on 1/19/15. My husband and I are ttc so we tried during my fertile window at the end of Jan-beginning of Feb. A few days later I started having symptoms of pregnancy. It started with fatigue and cramps, then occasional nausea and my boobs got sore. Now I have such a heightened sense of smell its crazy. Last week I had a few days of pretty light bleeding before my period was due on 2/16. I took 2 hpt’s way too early so they were negative. But I’ve taken 2 now since my missed period this past monday (2/16), and they have both been negative. But my symptoms are only getting stronger! I have a dr appt set for 3/2 but I just want to know! I take my hpt’s first thing in the morning since that’s the best time. One was a dollar store test, one was first response. With my first pregnancy, I got a positive at 3 wks 6 days. I’m confused and was hoping for an answer/advice. Thanks!

  • Baby


  • Baby

    Hi Ladies,
    Pls advise me… I have done my D&C in the month of August’14 and I tried for baby in Jan’15. And I have late peroids maximium 5 days later from my date. If I calculate in that cycle, now iam 2 days missed my period. I did my home test today and it showed negative and im confused now… Feel hungry, have abdominal paid and cramps etc…. is it possible to be pregnant?

  • Vickie B.

    You really need to regulate your cycle if you want to get pregnant. If you are not ovulating regularly, there is no way you can know when to have sex to get pregnant. I would look into taking an herbal fertility supplement to encourage a normal cycle.

  • Vickie B.

    It definitely sounds like you have the pregnancy symptoms. Wait a couple of days to see if a pregnancy test finally matches up with your symptoms. Good luck!

  • Vickie B.

    Until your period comes, if you have been having unprotected sex, there is a chance that you are pregnant.

  • Emily

    So i still haven’t had a period, last one was 16/01/15 and its now 05/03/15… Had negative blood test at about 3/4 weeks now apparently i would be 6weeks. Doing another preg test tomorrow morning. I did an ovulation test last week or so and it said peak fertility but that means nothing to me. When i put the ovulation test in the clear blue digital reader it had two lines and i didn’t know what that meant… Im getting really confused and worried now, because my period is over a month late. Never had this before

  • Vickie B.

    It could be that you just missed your period last month and you were actually ovulating last week,

  • 111993

    Hi, I’m 11 days late and would have concieved on the 21st of Feb 2015. I’m currently experiencing lots of pregnancy symptoms, such as sickness (around ten o’clock each morning) and nausea for the rest of the day, sore boobs, acne, exhaustion and heartburn. But have been getting nothing but negative results! I’m going mad! What would your advice be to get the correct results?

  • Brooklyn

    My dates are exactly the same with the same symptoms, I cramped for about 10 days as well and no period I really feel pregnant but all tests negative

  • 111993

    I’m so confused by it all! I should be getting positives! I’ve never been like this before, and never been more than a day late! I’ve been told to wait three weeks after conception but I have a feeling I won’t have a positive even then!

  • Vickie B.

    Unless you have very short cycles, if you conceived on the 21st, your period would have been due on March 7th. (Your period typically starts 14 days after you ovulate) When you posted this, it was the 7th. Are the tests still showing up negative?

  • 111993

    My period was due on the 27th, haven’t tested for a week now, was given advice to wait 3 weeks after conception from doctors. Is this correct?

  • Vickie B.

    I have no idea why they said to wait so long. Though they could do an ultrasound at that point to determine if there was an egg sac present. You can’t see a fetus at that point though.

  • sanofi

    Hi, my period is due in 6days. i am having abdominal cramps, tasteless mouth, frequent urination and am hungry more often. we are TTC and have been having sex almost daily since my LMP. could i be pregnant? i took a test 2days ago and it was negative

  • sue

    Hey. I need some help. I’m currently breastfeeding my 7 month old and I’m thinking that I might be pregnant, but the hpt’s are coming up negative. I thought I was having my first postpartum period 6 days ago, but it turned out to be faint spotting and lasted only a day. Now, I feel extremely thirsty and my gums have been bleeding, among other symptoms. If it was implantation bleeding that I was experiencing 6 days ago, wouldn’t I already be able to test positive on a hpt?

  • Vickie B.

    Normally, yes but give it a couple of days and test again. It could be that you are just testing a tad a early.

  • Ermosa

    I am 31 years old and have 4 living children and had a mc on Nov. 2014. My last period was on March 13, 2015. Since my mc my cycles have been 40, 35, 31 days apart. My husband and I had sex near or around ovulation, (I had watery and egg white cm on those days). Since April 4th I have notice some pregnancy symptoms. Acne, cramps, dizziness, nauseous, tender breast, extreme fatigue, headaches, emotional, ect. I think I may have tested too early but I had a faint + test on April 7 followed by a – test with same morning urine sample. In the past I have been able to get + pretty early but since my cycles have been a mess since my mc, I don’t know what is going on?

  • sunshine0409

    Okay ladies I really need some advice as I feel like I’m going mad. I was supposed to get AF on April 3rd. Needless to say she didn’t show. I am very regular every 27-28 days. I am currently 11 days late and have gotten 3 negative tests. My husband and I jave been trying for a while so really want this to work. We have a 6 year old son and have had 2 MC’s. I am super tried, face is broken out, having constipation, weird dreams, and gas. The only thing I dont jave is sore breast. Sorry if tmi. Please let me know tour thoughts. Trying to stay positive, but getting really sad. :-(

  • Vickie B.

    Sorry for the delay in replying. Did you get another positive pregnancy test? If you are pregnant, it should definitely show up by now.

  • Vickie B.

    What happened? Did your period arrive or did you get a positive pregnancy test?

  • Jordan

    Need advice. I’m experiencing extreme exhaustion, nausea, and acne. I’m two weeks late at this point and have had several neg tests. Had a MC in Dec and have been trying for a while. I feel like I’m going insane.

  • Lakesha

    Hello :-) I am 34 years old, and I have always had a normal 28 day cycle. I always chart my cycle, so I know exactly when I’m ovulating or not. Anyway, my last period was 02/26/2015 (a day before my birthday). I was ovulating the week ending March 14, 2015 and had sex with my partner on 03/13/2015. I have taken 6 Urine Tests, and all were negative. About a week after missing my first period I had painful cramps, backaches, headaches. Now, I’m not in too much pain as I was earlier this month. However, my symptoms include nausea, bloating, gas, indigestion, sore/tender nipples, swollen feet, pain in my left elbow, Food Cravings I’ve gained about 6 lbs within a month. I also experienced a clear, stick vaginal discharge with no odor (although the discharge is lightening up). Oh! and I have stomach cramps after achieving an orgasm. I’m currently waiting for my blood lab results. But, I’m interested in hearing any stories that are similar to mind. Please tell me how it turned out for you. Oh, and before this happened I was eating health, and working out and was under no extraordinary stress.

  • Vickie B.

    Well, if you are feeling this way, and the tests are negative, you might want to visit your doctor to find out what is going on.

  • Ciara-Christina Arntzen

    Ok, so i guess I’m starting to freak myself && would kind of like some help….my fiance && I have been ttc for a few months now…I’m not under any extra stress, so I know that’s not it. My symptoms include:
    -Nausea (from the moment I wake up && nothing really helps)
    -Headaches (again nothing helps)
    -VERY sore breats
    -Bigger/darker areolas
    -Mood swings like a roller coaster (in the words of my fiance lol)
    -Weird appetite
    -Weird VERY light period (was due 4/17/15 was only 2 days late but lasted about half a day && barely filled a tampon)
    -Decreased sex drive (VERY odd for me!!)
    -Pain in my right side when I’m on top
    -Face is breaking out
    -&& Fatigue
    I took a hpt on Sunday (4/26/15) && it was negative, took another on Wednesday (4/29/15) it was negative, && again took one yesterday (4/40/15) also negative….went to my doctors office && got a blood test which surprise surprise was negative…I have a 5 year old so I know what it feels like to be pregnant && I definitely feel it….so what’s going on with me?? They say the blood test doesn’t lie, but these symptoms are crazy…my boobs/areolas alone a re a dead give away…can anyone help me??

  • Vickie B.

    Some people end up with negative results for quite a while. You know your body. So until you get a normal period again, assume you are one of the rare cases and keep following up with your doctor.

  • Ciara-Christina Arntzen

    Thank you for responding, I agree, I told my ob that I know my body && I’ve been pregnant before (she’s now 5) but he just looked at me like I’m crazy && thinks it’s just hormones or a cyst, but a lot of my symptoms aren’t caused by a cyst, so I wasn’t sure :-/

  • Jaime

    Hello there! I’m 22 and rather curious as to what maybe going on with my body. I know I ovulated on the 16th of April and it’s now May 6th. No period yet, sore and tender breasts, fatigue, can’t stand the smell of certain foods. My cycle is always 28 days and I’m rather nervous. I haven’t changed anything and I’m not stressed nor I haven’t been working out a lot. I took a test a day before my missed period and it was inconclusive. Should I test again? Home pregnancy or a blood test? I’m just rather curious and nervous.

  • Naura

    Hi I’m 1day late today is Monday and I was supposed to start my period on Sunday I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative! I’m always right on time I ha all the symptoms sore boobs and nipples and little like pimples aroud the nipple and white creamy discharge do u think its to early to test

  • Kyrie Martindale

    Maybe you have an ectopic pregnancy?

  • Amy Leeka

    Wanted to let you guys know ow. When I was pregnant I had every symptom! But keep getting heavy periods I thought I was mad! Blood neg. Urine. Neg. Uti. Infection off and on. I finally missed a period Dr said 8 weeks did ultrasound come to find out I was 4MONTHS!

  • Amy Leeka

    Some pregnancy is so low hormone it can take awhile to show and stop the bleeding it’s how i was

  • louise

    Hi i have had a short period in april it came on 4-2-2015 and went off 4-5-2015it was light and short like spotting this month in may it came back on Thursday and went off sunday it was also light i also saw blakish blood on my pad my symptoms are vomiting,Nasuea,diarrhea,sore breast,shock pain in abdominal here and there,head ache that come a.d go i took home pregnant test and was negative can you plz give me some advice

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